So as mentioned before 'Open' public space such as 'Forum' or 'Discussion Board' websites are the best place where sponsor or manufacture will hangout not only to promote and support their products but also scout for potential product reviewer, test pilot or product ambassador.  Usually these people will find and invite you if they see you deem fit to be part of the marketing  benefits as long you have strong background in both skills to use the products and technical support know how.  Usually you will encounter three type of sponsor; (i) The manufacturer, (ii) The sales vendor and (iii) The affiliate sales agent.

  • Manufacturer
    Is the original product creator who sometimes either seek to promote their startup or R&D feedback from end user...i encounter lots of these guys since they love to hear feedback for improvements and future innovation.  These are my best people unfortunately not all their products pass my test flight or reviews...but i still keep their products archives at my Gallery section.

  • The sales vendorP 20170611 160252Concentrate on promoting products, so you help to spread out the news and reviews through your popularity and influence. These are my people easy to work with.

  • Affiliate sales agent
    Usually the middle man who help vendor to promote the products but under one condition that reviewer or sponsored user need to carry around their affiliate sales link so they gain benefits of getting sales profit through you, you only get to keep the products. Usually this one have tight timetable to full fill the quotas to review a products or to meet sales target.  Usually i avoid this people.

Normally you get to keep the sponsored products as to honor your work on full details reviews, time and continuous support on their products but all depends on the term and condition set by your sponsors especially if the products is extremely expensive.  Another way these sponsor can find you is through website by searching through search engine, that's why if you're serious into any hobby and would like to have continuous support you'll need a your own website that store your profile, resume, experience and etc that proves your credibility.  *Btw background picture is JJPRO-T2 micro FPV drone; sadly didn't passed the review due to faulty receiver so not allowed to be published to the public.  I'll continue this article on 'PART 4' post soon...see ya!