Those in the background picture; i'm holding the sponsored SONICMODELL Micro Sky Hunter...these are among those stuff i got sponsored. I guess all of you reader already have seen at my Project website ( knew that most of my Radio Control models, FPV/UAV and drones hardware came as sponsorship from various vendor and manufacturer.   Yup! free stuff right there! In return i post my honest detailed reviews and at the same time i grow the product turn into something more innovative than before so the products lives on proof its worthy owned for lifetime.  I guess the best perk is i don't have to spent much for my hobby and being part of affiliate my hobby grows without or barely msh 8touching my wallet.   I guess by know you wanted to know " How do i get sponsored for my hobby"?

If you've been following me for a long time via internet through various platform i'm not that famous; grew up from humble website as graphic art, gaming, 3d modeler, normal R/C blogger and just continue enjoy what i spent for my i wasted lots of money for no reason back then...of course i was young and dumb too.  It was not intention for me just to get at such point where my hobby would grow to this day but as always i continue to be "creative", "innovate" and "share" my passion rather than keeping it for myself through online community, forum, discussion boards, social media and also being outdoors in the public. So the keywords you should looking at are "creative", "innovate" and "share".   Competition to get sponsorship especially online can be harsh because the big ten on social media especially a good presenter on Youtube that knows how to talk and lure their follower would likely get sponsored to review products because they already have existing audience which give added bonus advertisement for the vendor or manufacturer who sponsored the individual..   The problem with most popular social media personality is "after" reviewing the products its more likely they will abandoned it and move on with new ones leaving no support nor show continuous growth to show the product usable lifespan.  Plus they would write simple written review and abandoned support for it and move on..... and that's where i come in.   Most of the time i get sponsored because they knew i know how to "grow" the product turn into something different that makes it worthy...its like turning ugly duckling into beautiful that's another niche how to promote a products...remember my ugly cars and trucks?..yup! they evolved into something new!  There are two type of product reviewers out there; the  "1. END USER" (which you see a lot on Youtube or social media) and another one is the "2. CREATIVE INNOVATER" (who transform the products into something awesome).  I'm that number 2, that's how i get sponsored despite not a popular guy in social media but at least i have a website to prove my works how to innovate certain products was credible.  So that proves you don't have to be popular or have more follower on social media to get sponsored as long you're very creative and innovative person to show the products there are more than 1 ways to enjoy and grows with it and your sponsor love to see your new ways of using their products.  Here's a good example; did you guys remember the WL-TOYS 10428A 4WD trucks i've reviewed?...what happen to it now? it turn out to be!..check here: Yes people used to shun those trucks during review but now its has became my awesome FPV platform!...and unique that prove this products can grow into something you and i love.   So if you can do something like this you would likely get sponsored much better than your competitors because you know how to grow with it rather than just being normal consumer.  I'll end my 'PART 1' article here and will post you on 'PART 2' of my discussion about this topic. So stay tuned for more info!