If you're an enthusiast R/C modeler thEn i got an advice for you.  If you have a model that you loved so much then keep it!  Here's what i've learned throughout my experience..when they gone they gone like 'forever' .

dsc 2If you've seen my hangar oh! that's half what you've seen but you can still track down few breadcrumbs of my previously own R/C models especially rare and highly valued for its aesthetic reasoning among collectors. Some model performed aweome in the air and FPV but no longer in production..yes! my FPV plane is an 'ART_TECH'.  For example like in this page background picture; that's my old 1600mm P-51D RED DAGO racer plane...stupidly sold it so i can get my budget back for another interesting plane thinking i could buy the DAGO next time but many years later that models no longer produuced in market.. no more buddy!. I also 'dumb founded' sold a limited edition KYOSHO MINI-Z MUGEN HONDA NSX which only produced in limited number during Japan Gran Touring Championship events avaible on venue handout....ah! how dumb i am...yes! i was young and dumb back then.  Same true for other planes especially when the models are tied to manufacturing copyrights royalties by certain party which limits its production base on certain amount or seasonal. Same true for R/C car models, buggies and boats which is based on aesthetic replicas.  For example TAMIYA re-released their off-roading models which was used to be produced in the 80's but actually not 100% the same for today batch due to copyright labelling such as FORD, BFGOODRICH, GOOD YEAR, NGK and dsc 1other sponsorship decals that used to be part of the model appearance.  You can say half of my rare collection went out exhanging hands then be gone and what's left is just crappy ones but still rarest though. I got some F-14 Tomcats!!!! Unfortunately mutirotor drones are not collectible nor have aesthetic value cause electronics drops down in value and useless after few season due to overshadow by more modern technology...they look ugly too. So scale replica planes, cars, boat and other real life vehicles always rarest out in the market but sometime they priced to much especially between 2018-2019..scale crawler is up guys!. Recently few of our R/C club member and even online viewer offered to buy one of my planes...being old and smart i say "No!, Never!".  Now i have collection of awesomeness!!