I had a question from guests at my Youtube channel which also commonly most asked question when it comes to chossing your first R/C model planes. "Is smaller R/C plane good for beginners?". Direct answer is "No". Smaller plane are twitchy to DSC03732fly, less visibility to track in the air, need to fly faster and get pushed by the gusty wind easily due to smaller wings and lighter size. However smaller planes are much appeal for skilled R/C pilot only. Anything bellow 1000mm wingspan is consider small or mini. If you're new and wanted your first R/C plane best to get a bigger wingspan like 'glider' or high winged type plane like the 'Hobby Kng Bixler' or 'Super Cub' like plane ideally at 1400mm winspan size. Today some smaller models might have electronics assisted stabilization system or flight controller that helps to assist new pilot to fly much easily but once you get into pro level a electronical stabilization feature can be much of annoyance when doing aerobatics or 3D which that can be quite stubborn to control. That's why older people love to fly big planes because its easy due to size, good visibility, stable intertial mass and better air lifting/float performance in any weather condition.