In that background picture that'a one of my favorite sponsored products the 'WL-TOYS 10428A Wild Truck' that model and lived on to this day!.. Ok! lets get back to 'PART 2'. To get sponsor you need to standout from the crowds and also participate in a place where most sponsors eg; manufacturer, vendor or marketer agent would hangout.  Since you're not a popular person spamming the social P 20160721 190708media with 'Hash tag' or keywords are not going to work at all especially if you don't have much follower and if you don't pay premiums on your social media services...harsh life huh?..yeah i feel you.  The worst useless place to seek sponsorship by advertising yourself is on could but you can only catch small fishes and small fries, lol. Why? why.

  • It's a Closed Group
    Even you yourself can't access another Group of similar interest in Facebook without invitation, what makes you think the sponsor agent able to find you guys?  Stop using Facebook and use Public Forum instead.
  • What ever you post will get 'Sink' easily
    You posted video on Facebook showing your hobby or skills but get pushed down at bottom page due to expiry after few hours...hey its Facebook!.  If you post in proper Forum your video or post will be there for many years and even listed on search engine...that how the could sponsor find you.
  • Limited viewer and very localized demographic
    So its your aunt, uncle, friends, relative and invited friends able to see it...but not the whole world.  You can't force the whole world to login to Facebook to see your stuff.  Even the search engine having hard time to find your stuff on Facebook let alone the sponsors.
  • Sponsor unable to remain anonynamous
    Since everyone are linked to each other that's a bad marketing secrecy.

Doesn't take genius to figure out where.. its on 'Public' Discussion Board or 'Open' FORUM.  When i say 'Public' or 'Open' it means anyone can view and read all those discussion posted on the forum board without needed to login.  For sponsor who seek candidate to test their product this is the best website (Forum/Discussion board) to look for their potential people and scout for talents because it open and freely accessible for viewing.  I only used FACEBOOK for social fun, nothing much gain in there....lots of annoying motivational poster i see..move on.  Did you know social media platform and new communication apps causes segregation among Hobbyist community?...i'll explain soon on my next blog post so stay tuned for 'PART 3'.