Lots of people asking about me about this plane, unfortunately only some talented and skill R/C pilot can tame this beast. This a  beautiful American muscles of the skies.  Yes that background 86picture is one of two plane i owned taken snapshots at the beach.  Honestly through my experience flying this planes it takes guts and pain but was all worth it. Even in real world if you look through F4U Corsair history not all pilot can easily take-off and land this plane because of it's 'Torque Roll' nature due to its massive propeller torque force. Big real scale or small scale Corsair all the same, if you see an R/C pilot flies an F4U Corsair at club airfield give him or her a mad respect and salute.  I have two 1100mm F4U Corsairs and it was a blast to fly and that shows i've passed of all bad asses of bad asses hardship of flying. Below are one of the video of me flying this bad boy.