Background picture; flying my simple yet cheaper R/C plane models...look i can fly at backyard! Yes! ironically the most simple thing is the most enjoyable stuff ever.  14sThat's really true for all thing in life.   Although big, expensive and complicated things are most alluring and spohisticated in everyone eyes but if its harder and longer path to obtain this thing then it not really worth it.  For example to commute to work; i have a nice car, a sophisticated expesive mountain bike and a cheap simple road bike...i mean cheap road bike by today standard, lol.  Yes, i ended up commute using a mechanically simple road bike to work not because i'am a tree hugger or trying to save the planet but because of the joy being 'walking in the air', the nice windy swoosh!, less maintenance and headche to deal with traffic and parking space. Actually its far easy and fun to ride bike to work than driving, unfortunately not everyone think the same way but maybe next time i'll explained how to get behind a bicycle.  Plus being lazy i don't have to do workout every evening...i never jogged..last jogged was 20 years ago, lol.  Even as professional R/C modeler and builder my most expensive R/C controller that i used for serious flying only cost $50 tops but by today standard its should be $15 in bargain bin. Trying to be frugal? Nope, just being smart. ;)  And that's how my hobby grows and those nayslayer get left behind.