In the background is photo of place where i was born, i can see speck of house where i used to lived.  Very small quiet town almost everyone knew each other back then.  Yet 30 years later it g30still haven't change much in terms of demographic and landscape. Located deep side of the Borneo continent few kilometers from shore its can be very cold in the morning up till 10.00am.  Its a paradise if you like to FPV flight in the cold foggy.  Much of the housing still holds traditional 60's colonial British style house designs which still today occupied by government servant and our family used to be the resident those olds days. My dad used to ride on VESPA motorbike with my mom to work and each time they return they bring bits of munchies and candies to keep us happy. g25 Life was very frugal but 70's is a great era to live in where economy was good for a small family. A small $0.10cent could buy me lots of snack at school canteen..BBQ fish on sticks!.  At around age of 4 i had my first jogging with my dad towards the river along side the old school building on dusty pathways. After that he would bring me to the playground for a swing. I can still see those are in the picture.  That's the best vivid memory i had till this day.  The snapshots was taken via old classic DJI PHANTOM V1.1.1 on FPV which actually a regret drone purchase but somehow i'm glad it took a great snapshots of my old hometown for me to keep in the album.