Wait! that's not a time management machine? Its a bicycle! Yes it is!. If you guys wanted to know how is it possible i could finish up some project either if its an R/C models, 3d designs, FPV/UAV, drones project or even putting up extensive product review which actually consume much time 2per-day and yet still able to cope with daily chores and work hours in the office?.... that is because i use my bicycle to manage my time. Time management machine.  Its must be mind boggling to think about it but i'll elaborate more.  Parking consume time, stuck in the traffic to work consume time, wake up to go to work consume time, workout for health like jogging consume time..wait i haven't jog or gym for more than 20 years!, going out to dinner consume time too.  For me driving a car is time consuming yet slow because of traffic queue, refueling, parking, safety this and that.  On bicycle i still can sleep long hours and wake up late yet able to reach office in time. On bicycle while on my way commuting to work i can do many things before i reach to destination; along the way i can stop at the park to enjoy my R/C activity (Models lugged on my backpack) or review my sponsored products. Since i evade traffic time are saved for this, plus i could stop by at shop quickly without hassle to parking for a quick meal.  After that on route fly my drone to take nice surrounding snapshots for my gallery.  Once i reached office or back home i've already have wholesome of workout and never need to go out for a jog or gym....on wheekend whole afternohz d4 30on or at any day i could work out my project at full healthy physical and mental state. Riding bike give me inspiration for FPV too...fast like my P-51D Mustang, plus its a good way to meet up with people on the street for social interaction.  I can't say commuting on bike save money because since cycling allow me to have quick access to cafe and great eating spot...i spent much on yummy stuff! In a good eating environment i whipped out my notebook and bam!..new articles, new 3d models releases and etc on the spot.  All my hobby work are on the bike! I'm on the move.  Btw its actually easy to ride a road bike rather than driving...maybe next time i'll show you how.  That's my humble life hack..hehehe..