The background photo; that's our local 'Ulu Baram' delta river.  You've seen before during my mini UAV Z-84 drone long range journey towards the outskirt discovering places in the air. Through many years of video footage you might notice it changes shapes due to random deposites of soil from upper river shove off by down stream river.  When ever i fly out my fixed wing drone i always 52km 53passes by this place just being curious.  However despite its unique natural feature of the delta it does comes with local superstition for being haunted places due to what we local called as 'Penunggu' as in english translated as unseeing nature spirit who owns the place. In East Asia especially in Borneo continent regardless what culture background the resident lives here even being modern literated everyone in this part of region knows that 'thing' does exist and having any incident reported in newspaper about the paranormal is a norm culture and not something to fake about.  So if you see my mini Z-84 video of fly by you knew there's curious reason i plot the mission path.  There's a lot of interesting to discover out there.   Oh btw here's recap if you want to watch the video again.  Enjoy.