There so many after effect typhoon induce weather hit our asian region via northern sea bringing cold windy draft and rainy days which been prolonged for almost a month ...which explained some declined over my long range UAV andfpv dr u dec 78 also our FPV flight activity. But i've decided to fight the weather when i have an opportunity so i did. This weekend i had wonderful time with my good old FPV Drifter Ultralight fixed wing drone plane and my buddy tag along for the flight. Unfortunately unlike previous flight i couldn't go far forward due to heavy wind resistance and random turbulent wave of winds around the skies so i have to be on full stick to counter and always circle around to avoid head winds all over places. The wind doesn't look all white nor bubbly just looks gloomy, sheared and teared as it swept hard. However i had a blast of fun just being up there knowing i just installed secondary tail camera to capture beautiful moments with some clouds and the winds ...i knew my Drifter Ultralight can handle anything mother nature throws at which is now on its 8th year. Well there a video down there to tell the whole story. Enjoy watching!