Yesterday took my newly build AXIAL 'MAXXIMUS' FPV crawler to my favorite hilly rock sun axial fpv 19crawling spot where i used to bash my SCX10 with my buddies. Fully charged all my battery packs both for the truck, radio unit and FPV gear. I've also tied a small bearings to a string hagging from the top of the roll cage so i can guage the tilt and roll indication by the pendulum movement which at the end of the day it didn't worked out that well since it swings too much. I drove remotely standing next to the road side and let my truck drove in deep to the hills side through bushes and rocky lands all the way up to the hill top. The FPV drive was a success! My new FPV crawler rips and grips climbing all sun axial fpv 18the way to the top, concuring huge boulder, gaps and impossible obstacles which many of my models couldn't in the past probabbly thanks to its stock 2.2 size tyres, wider axles, solid diff locks. heavy weight and longer wheel base. The FPV drive did over 40 minutes of drive runtime leaving surplus of 30% power in the battery. Btw below are the recorded on board 720p video of FPV driving footage on my Youtube which you can watch it below. Enjoy!