I've been always craving to do some slope soaring on my plane which i did a lot in past few years but most of my planes are racers, jets, warbirds, scalers and FPV's which slightly too heskysurfer v3 1avy to keeping up flying powerless along side the edge of the cliff on windy beaches close to ground level.  I used to have lots of gliders but i ended up  just way too generous to give it away to some new comers in my club which left me some advance non-glider planes.  So now my idea to build something that would float all day on just small to none throttle and big enough to bee visible by me and the crowds to 'wow' on. Most importantly it doesn't chew my wallet so i have to use back what i have from the inventory. I've pull out my old unused glider kit the Sky Surfer aka 'Bixler' which i bought dirt cheap few year back and give it some love by prep upskysurfer v3 2 some basic hardwares; servos, esc,  motor, receiver  and all those left over parts without being spendy. I've also 3d printed custom pilot figurine which i grab from Thingiverse.com to make the glider looks very scale like since the cockpit canopy that comes with the kit were plain empty.  I got a left over black Tamiya 'TS' spray can from previous project which i can use to paint a design scheme similar like my DURAFLY ZEPHRY V-40 livery.  Few days later whammm!! a slammin beautiful looking glider!  Can't wait tot fly it at the beach, hopefully after the lockdown season.