It must be boring during this long season of COVID-19beetle qd 1 lockdown where people globally confined to homes and stay safe.  As for me i have the "I must do something" to keep me occupied. Fortunately as i look around the hangar i saw this old ugly looking 1989 1:14 scale TAMIYA QD MONSTER BEEETLE sitting there look all rusty and dusty than needs to be 'fix'....when i say fix itx a huge fix. beetle qd 2 I can honestly said i really don't like the look of this R/C model, looks toyish and everything on it looks very wrong but that's hows 1989 low end R/C are.  Since i have heaps of inventory of parts and tools get the job done its time for plastic surgery! Procedures include dismantling, cleaning, chassis cutting, modification, plastic fabrication, 3d printing and beetle qd 3painting.  It tool almost 3 days to get it done. Finally i got myself a spanking brand new 're-born' Monster Beetle will all new radical looks equal to today standard R/C grade basher far different than i've imagine!  Now this R/C model is beecome one of my beloved collection!  If you wanted to find out more how did i rebuild this model you can check out thee gallery below: