Here i am every weekend evening flipping around in thepark profile 2 air with 3D profile plane. The best thing about this TECHONE - SBACH 342 planky plane is it has both the best world between normal and simple R/C plane which emphasized more on fast thumbstick reflex, creative movement and flight relaxation. That the only way i could flex my brain muscles and test out my limit of my stick skills has always been a 3D profile plane so don't be surprise i Tweets a lot of these eveytime i'm outdoor. Plus land size is very limited here in park profile 1Asia so this plane fits the purpose. If you guys looking challenges into aerobatic flying get a 3D profile flyer...btw the are lots of free 3D profile built planes for you to download and start building your own DIY at home. The best place to download free plans has always been at ..that where i downloaded build for my TOMHE F22 jet. Enjoy building!