Remember the 'RUBBLE WASTELAND' rock crawling track i madetrack expansion 1 for 1/35 scale R/C 4x4 Orlandoo Hunter crawler?  Yes i've decided that during this long so called 'COVID-19 lockdown period' or 'stay at home season' i've decided towork on expanding my track layout with extra pieces of box foam around to create much bigger and vast area to crawl and explore.  Since i have some unused box foam from previous R/C plane packages, hot glues, washing sponges and acrylic paint which are the basic main ingredient to get the project done it won't cost me a penny other than my this is my time!  I already had some imaginary sketches what i want to have on my 'version 2' track build which will consist of more track expansion 4caves  and tunnels run through, 'claustrophobic' spaces, serious climbing and some boulders to crawl about.  Will have much higher elevation to climb and more realistic terrain texture to make off-roading looks more alluring to enjoy.  After a week of intense molding, painting and tuning the track expansion works completed!  I've decided not to called it 'RUBBLE WASTELAND' since it has lost its walled rubble liketrack expansion 3 shape, instead it has more cavern and moisty patina like granite texture on the back side of the track expansion which should give whole new crawling platform.  Its massive, lots of places to discover, almost three storey climbing and takes hours just to clear off one full lap......i'm going to called it the '4x4 ARENA'.   If you wanted to fifnd out more how i build the track you can check the gallery links below for sequential visual build: