I woke up early in the morning hoping i could firusty jeep 1nish off something positive things to do for today and yes i did another one.  On the corner of my hangar there is a bland clean slate looking 1:10 scale 4x4 Jeep R/C model that lacks of aesthetic looks which need to be fix before it sore my feel my enthusiasm for my hobby. So i took few bottle of Trusty jeep 4AMIYA acrylic paint, small brush and palette so i could put some 'rust and aging' paint effect on the surface of my SCX10 JEEP bodyshell to make it look more lively and realistic.  3 hours later job done!  Now my Jeep looks aesthetically more 'living and breathing' 4x4 machine that have been through battle with the wilderness and trails of rock bashes which earned itself badges of battle scars!  Now it has become my pride and joy worthy of shelf queen!   You can view my paint works inside the galler links shown bellow:

Gallery:  https://www.supermotoxl.com/resources/gallery/my-technologies-hobbies/ground-based-models/10-axial-scx-10-jeep-crawler.html