Success!! Another cockpit FPV driving model build for this seasonaxial fpv1 2020 completed added another new family member into lines of FPV trucks in my hangar! I've been away from the internet and social media for few days so i can concentrate completing this exciting project since i have handful of Chinese New Year holidays here. Woke up early like a champ, working few bits and pieces in 4 days while at the same time enjoy the festive season, foods and also some entertaiment in between. What was bare bone mixture of AXIAL crawler chassis from cheap bargain parts bin now competely fully customized and ready to roll out for some hill axial fpv2climbing and hardcore rock crawling where my other FPV off-roader couldn't to commit. I decided to name my new frakenstien AXIAL build 'MAXXIMUS'....named homage to previous 3d model build of 4x4 EVO truck i made in the past few decades a go. Can't wait to see some live in-cockpit FPV driving in action. Btw below are the links to the FPV AXIAL build gallery below from my project site: