Hey! Happy new year 2020! ...well we still don't have flying car yet nor fantasized in the 'JetsonsIMG 20191229 152027' era but glad to be in this year. So i've been away for few days outside working on my hobby and favorite stuff and along the way learned something important that i should continue standing my feet on my principal..staying frugal...that mean keeping my project budget at minimalist and at the same time move forward efficiantly with bigger returns. Recently my original intention to get $400 GO PRO HERO 8 as opposed to SJCAM SJ8 PRO this month has been cancel because i realised that my other GO PRO HERO 3 and 4 still have its usable life shelf, plus with new 360 sphere to create VR IMG 20200103 174306environment for PHOENIX R/C simulator makes it more sensible to keep on using my vintage camera and bring it R/C hobby to whole new level. I was planning to replace my 10 year old commuter road bike but decided to save my money and opt for minor upgrade to improve and extend my commuting capability..i was right all along and happy with my recent improvement. Rather than buying new R/C models and hardware i recently bought more second hand stuff and recycled parts from my fellow friend at extremely affordable prices. All these frugal moves help me save a lot on myP 20190303 110610 budget, enjoy quality life and keep hobby going with huge positive differences by recycling what i have. So this year 2020 you'll going to see more DIY models and lots of my creativity works for at economical level via recycling resources than being spendy. Of course i will continue give useful tips and support to hobbyist and creators via my social channel so you can enjoy your hobby and life more efficiently. Till then we'll see you on my next updates. Cheers.