yf21 dev039Another boring day at home. Covid-19 lockdown season still going on all around the world, since i'm free after completing other project i've decided to use my free time to return back to Phoenix simulator modelling and build a YF-21 STURMVOGEL from one of my favorite movie 'MACROSS PLUS'. After around 3 days of 3d modelling work swork finally the Valkyrie was born! Detail of the builds and video preview on my Twitter can be found via links below. Btw official release of YF-21 for Phoenix R/C on my website will soon reveal after settle with the documentation.

Gallery: https://www.supermotoxl.com/resources/gallery/my-technologies-hobbies/custom-3d-models-add-on-for-rc-simulator/macross-plus-yf-21-sturmvogel.html

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SupermotoXL/status/1254310531281776640