Just when i about to save my money for a new camera to replace my GoPro this happens. Yeah! my car asking for new shoes all four after overnight unpatch-able flat and few worn out stuff. Even when IMG 20191205 085312the car not running because i commute on bicycle it still cost money just sitting there idle with cob webs and cats foot print all over. We all have to remember a car is a 'Liability' not an 'Asset'. A 'Liability' drain all your resources , depreciate in cost over time and still leeching your budget even not in use. An 'Asset' grows your investment and give more benefits which overcomes its actual owning cost...like a house and my bicycles. Yes cycling keeps me in good health; Health is Wealth!. Although i love design concept cars and other automobile designs that doesn't mean i love to spend on real cars. Car just get me from point A to B. Nope, i just love to design them only on 3D canvas. As being frugal in my R/C hobby and few projects this year i spent only $50 out of my pocket thanks to discounts, recycling and cheap garage sale 2nd stuff from my friends; that's how my hobby grow. I'm glad i keep living in minimalism.