Ah yes! if you don't see me reply your email, posts on social media, my channel, relax s 2forum or anything on the internet no worries because i'm reducing my binge on the internet this season . For email now i would likely to reply within a week instead of days. That is because internet thing started to get bored and full of unreliable information unlike the late 90's or early 2000's when digital places used to be to have more meaningful content to read made by real professional controbutor than today. However i still use it as place to store, post my craftsmanship and share knowledge to pass my skillsets down to others than just online shopping. Since then my productivity increases triple fold working on some of my hobby projects and enjoying more outdoor times rather than pleasing other in digital world this year. relax s 4This week manage to settle 4x projects since i don't spent time on the screen. I enjoyed more time relaxing under the windy and beautiful blue skies since our weather started to get very fine, try out cooking lots of new food recipe hopefully becomes another hobby, worked more on my bikes mods, adventures and anything outdoors. ....oh yes! i'm enjoying more flying time too. So if you want to be more productive then reduce screen time on the internet and go out under the sun and enjoy life. Yes, i started to write more hobby articles under green shaddy trees outdoor with portable keyboard than i used to between 4 walls with table...felt more relaxing with breezy winds around me in the open.