It's raining outside as i type this blog post, chill and fizzy makes me wanted to take a quick cat nap on my w1lazy chair while watching rain drops on my living room corridor.  Anyways i  just completed few test runs on my newly design or should i say prototype version of Macross Valkyrie fighter an off-shoot of YF-19 playform; the XF-20A SWITCHBLADE...if you've been sneak peaking around my social post since last month yes its coming!  Since we're just 1 month away from year 2020 its my pleasure to say that this prototype fighter will be release before or maybe on Christmas at my Project website soon.  As seen from my recent Twitter post with video XF-20A in action against YF-19 the fighter flew superbly well.  Of course  as seen earlier from my previous social channel the alternative secondary variants the XF-20X will be available exclusively at my Blog site too, two planes each designated on different website so both have unique niche of interesting downloads. So keep intouch with my latest updates.