If you wanted to be successful and enjoying a good life; a good sleep and breakfast are very important. When i was young up to my 20's i can easily ignore these fact pulling all nighter but as i got older into my 40's the 'health is actually wealth' is no joke. Which is why you might notice IMG 20191031 172232throughout my lifetime the more older i get the more creative i get release interesting projects and creation on my website because i had a good sleep and more energy to keep me alert the whole day. 7~8 hours hours of sleep is needed, recomended to sleep before 10pm. Shut all your tech gadget down and lights completely, forget everything and think 'blankly'..you can say 'ignore the world'..trust me on this. Let your body sleep into REM condition where your brain and whole body 'repair' and 'renew' itself. When you wake up have a good 'full' breakfast to replace those missing energy used during 'body recovery' sleep and to re-charge your daily activity. You should have clear fresh minds and ready to start a new day. Coffee is a great way to kick up your adrenaline but usually i'd avoid artificial cup of motivation and opt riding on my bicycle to work to keep my adrenaline pumping and focus. If you don't have a bike you could skate or jog to commute...those adrenaline kicks it give you will help sharpen your focus better than laying back behind the steering wheel. Trust me i've been through a lot.