I received this question by forum member via personal messanging about quick tips putting LED strips for night fDSCF1092lying on R/C plane. Night flying is fun, you can put some LED strips around the fuselage, wings, lit the sky night and turn some heads. However i learned the hardway on my first FPV night flyer when i installed on a glider as i crashed due to disorientation and struggle to keep it afloat...learned setup mistake on two important factor. There only two quick tips for adding LED strips on your plane:

  • Don't put too much LED strips.
    If the plane are too bright you won't able to distinguished the plane shape or outline and will disorient your vision.

  • Don't put bulk size LED strips around the wing surface.
    It will disrupt the airflow around the wings and causes difficulty to generate lift under its wing. Weight can be a huge penalty too.

Last but not least; the best plane to decorate with LEDs and get some crowd attention around small park or at parking lot is a '3D Profile plane' or foamy plank plane because they can fly slow, dance, aerobatics and easy to move in small spaces and great for night public entertainment at close range. Below are sample video of me flying my LED strip decorated 3D Profile plane flown at night.