I was window shopping around for my road bike spare parts since my chain and gearing casette worn out after aIMG 20191205 102138 year and suddenly i stumble on this interesting looking folding E-bike . It's a VOLT folding E-bike but on other alternative its also known as 'JupiterBike Discovery' upon researching on Youtube. Nice 3D CAD like designs on the frame, very techy, small, compact and it comes in Batman style matte dark color. It's a rear hub mounted electric motor on 16" wheels and cadence style pedalling to get the bike in electric assist mode. Price wise is something realistically i could afford which equiIMG 20191205 102147valent to buying a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone in bargain bin. Fortunately its seems to be a highly rebranded E-bike which easily found on Aliexpress website. There's not much reviews out there so its still in infancy. I'll be keep my eyes on this bike for now since i can smell some 'potential' being my ultimate commuting mobility tools in the future.