I was questioned by fans over email why i no longer building custom multirotor /quadcopter like i used to. last build was an i Simple answer; Off the shelf P 20170709 171118ready to fly out of box multirotor/quadcopter in the market are more stable, cheaper, efficient and lots of functionality all in one package which means its better to buy than waste money on developing personal drone which cost time and money. Plus multirotor/quadcopter technology and electronic advance faster in few months rendering what i build today will obsolete tomorrow knowing the price of buying one is far cheaper than building it. Which is why i stop spending money building custom multirotor P 20170718 125507drone and just buy something out of the box 'Ready to Fly' especially if my aim is to have fun and do aerial photography shots. The only worth money spending building for myself are FPV planes, autonomous fixed winf UAV and custom off-road/on-road platform because these are they key area where commercial technology and innovation couldn't catch up with home DIY builders and at community forum...now that's uniquely separate ourself from end user vs developer.