One of my challenges commuting to work on bicycle is punctured tire or flat tires or which ever you wanted to called it. Like it or not its going to happen either your cycling for fun, to work and it even will happen just right outside few steps from your home. For example today as shown IMG 20191129 072146picture in the background i had a puncture tire after strucked by a sharp metal object down the road coincidentally happened beside a lone quiet isolated cemetry just 30 minutes before my office work hour start. For normal people in this situation it will be much overwhelmed but for me its a piece of cake, it took me 4 minutes and its all fixed i'm good to go!..that's my 30 years experience on 2 wheels right there. Everyone should learn how to fixed a punctured tire, its a necessity guide for survival on two wheel. Btw i also have this video below caught myself in punctured situation and fixed it on the spot. Enjoy watching and learn how to fixed it.