This week i took this old classic 1997 Tamiya Touring car out for a spin with my other models; its an 'Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI Bosch' based on old TL-01 tamiya bosch 1chassis. I got this model as second hand barter trade with my friend few years ago; my old GO PRO HERO camera for his car to add into list of my TAMIYA collections. Its is a good deal since i'm more into R/C than video/photography, besides i had too much surplus of GO PRO cameras so minus one doesn't really ding my videography task. Anyway for an old platform this tourer seems to perform just OK in comparison to latest new era tourer but most important thing tamiya bosch 3this car has more aesthetic looks and appeal than performance especially since it based on real world licensed touring car. However being a second hand model it has few drawback for poorly stacked decals, flacky paints and lexans cuttings especially around the wheel wells. Hopefully i'll make a review on this classic car ones i fixes things up to make this car a real hear stay tuned!

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