Yes! blue sky and fixed wings swirlingpark sandmaster 5 around the wind. Its fun to fly during this windy season but lets not forget some R/C driving. I've been binged on several R/C car and truck models every evening and one of the underated buggy which i started to pour some love is the KYOSHO SAND MASTER buggy. Few laps around the circuit style parking lot i started to love it and decided to put some hours tuning it. Its not a fast buggy since its comes with stock motor, ESC, servo and radio out of box but its definately fun to drive and be mesmerised looking how apark sandmaster 11ctive suspension works and other meachanical feature to look at as it passes by me. Definately something you might expect from a quality KYOSHO branded built. If you've missed out few things about this buggy i did 3d modelling and port this buggy into our old 4x4 EVO off-roading simulator which you can download and drive this buggy in virtual world.