Last few years ago i've been experimenting 'selfie' cam, this year is the 'tail cam'. It was a last minute idea to bump up the fun in the sky and i glad i've put one. Today i've mounted the samefp 42 camera i used on my FPV truck during convoy and then back into my FPV ES DRIFTER Ultralight fixed winged FPV drone for a quick spin in the skies. The micro size FEELCAM was mounted on the side of the lower wing struts with its camera pointed to the rear tail of the plane. The weight of the camera with it plastic case removed and along with small 1s li-po battery was weighted about 10 grams small enough not to cause any effect on the plane CG and stabilization. The view from the rear was awesome fp 8especially with the sunrise was up in the horizon, video quality not as perfect or sharp but it has those unique quirks on its color contrast which makes it looks artistic at the same time mesmerising. FOV lens slightly narrow but maybe in the future i might replace with 808 #16 HD lens for 120~ degree wide angle. Well atleast to day flight i have a new view angle to enjoy rather than always being on the front cockpit view.

Full video clip on my twitter: