Its still cold and windy weather out there, itsevening zn s 10 can be boring if i flew too much fixed wing plane all day and keep building stuff...yeah i some need time out This time i whipped out my trusty aerial photo/videography drone; the HUBSAN ZINO. Its been a while since its last flight review given from my sponsor and this time i just wanted to take some photo around me and enjoy some close up view of my local places. I'm not much a professional photographer but atleast i get to enjoy what's out there viewing mixture of solid modern structure with extra green blend of mother nature from aerial view. Years ago in the past i have to build a crude home made tech multirotor aP91227 174931erial photo/videography drone to do the job but as technology evolved new off the shelf drone make aerial photo/videography more accessible for anyone with more mature tech and innovation. Man how time flies! Well here i am enjoy what's out there. After this i may need to return back to my design lab for my latest sim model releases. Btw you can check out my aerial gallery below.

Gallery: Hubsan ZINO H117s 4K UHD foldable drone