Let's not waste time during these mass Covid-19 lockdown at home. hardware recycle 2 Time to make good use of time doing something usefull and for me i got tonnes of broken parts been deem worth recycling.  So far in a day i've manage to repair and restore some broken electronic hardware components which previously thrown away by others because they tought it was damaged.  Some cameras, flight controller boards, radio receiver, servos, ESC and alsohardware recycle 1 some FPV hardwares have been successfully repaired to perfect 100% operational condition thanks to my electronic skills i learn since i was a kid and back in college days.  I can't wait to use them back for my future project and sure bet you'll see these parts back in action in one of my models on my Youtube channel soon.  Looks like i've saved tonnes of money and keep my hobby alive!  So you people out there keep on recycling!