Hey there! Merry Christmas! Yes i knew all of you photo 2 20191101 1297725993guys and girls have been waiting for this since its debuts few weeks ago shown through sneek peeking on my social media channel; this 'sea green'  colored theme with shark mouthed livery VF-11B Thunderbolt assigned under the 'Super Marine squadron'. Was an off-spring of the previous project release of the original VF-11B Thunderbolt last month November 2019. This time other than having different livery scheme the model also carry extra armament payload which give much distinct appearance from the original models and also the colision model (tphoto 29 20191101 1948821294hat collision layer in 3D) have been remove to make it easier for beginners to fly without to much damages on the airframe ....you can say its a docile valkyrie fighter to fly if you ding the ground on minor impact. Be sure to read the installation instruction manual at my project site before using it on the simulator. Hope you enjoy the model and again Merry Christmas.