Look! its windy!! Its been that way since the start of January this year till now and wind guard 2hopefully it goes on before dry season hit somewhere next month according to local weather forecast. Oh look at that blue skies!.....oh, wait it rains a bit! That's why you see me posting lots of R/C flying video at shorter interval recently on my Youtube channel because having huge amount of gusty wind means it super fun to fly! Out there with my models it feels like flying a kite rather than just wind guard 4flying normal., quite relaxing to be honest. Overall i like that breezy and exhilarating feeling being out here! Hey! if you emailed and trying to get intouch with me via social media i might slow to respond because my windy schedule keeps me off the screen for a while. I recall some Macross groups asking some raw 3d files....i'll get back there soon. Btw everyone should go out there and have some fun!