Yeah i'm quite a bit of layback early this month of new year opening because i wanted to relaxyf19dx 53 and away from the internet for while enjoying the great outdoors, do some house chores and cooking some new recipe in the kitchen. I suppose to release some new stuff at my project website which is the MACROSS XF-20A SWITCHBLADE but i decided to take my time and enjoy my life first. To compensate expectation from my fans i've decided to release few other variant of models which did exist in previous sneek peek; tyf19dx 15he YF-19DX EXCALIBUR 'VFX-RAVEN' which featured along side the publishing of VF-11B THUNDERBOLT during video preview of tandem flyover last month ago on my Youtube channel. You can download the file model for Phoenix R/C simulator down below links. Make sure to read the installation manual at my project site before use. Enjoy!