Since the start of Covid-19 lockdown until the ease of restriction where finally we can go back to normal life with social distancing practise my financial management, health and mental well being seems to be improving well this year. During lockdown i have to work at 2020 learned 4home due to order from our company employer. There by i have time to cook a lot of recipe using minimal amount of raw food. I started to sew my own clothing and make custom fitting. My tv was broken so i concentrate more time around the house building usefull tools and repair appliance than wasting time watching movies. As for my RC hobby i build RC tracks, rebuild old models and buildng planes with minimal resources. I service my bicycle and recycled my bike stuff such as reuse old inner tubes, 3d 2020 learned 3print some parts, build lightings and reuse old apparell. Every end of the month i would find surprise my budget seems to be improving because i spent less buying stuff and less eating out. My old clothing teenage seems to fit well after some sewing modification to fit my 40 year old body, lol! I'm happy with the outcome of year 2020 that it made me become more resourcefull and saving a lot for 'rainy days'. Unfortunately most shops around my town seems to be closing permanently, those 2020 learned 1shop signs removed. More family small stalls started to pop-up everywhere. Relative and friends started to ask for financial help.....ah! the pinch! I'm glad i still stayed single! I'm still able to cover expenses for my retired parents as usual. I'm glad year 2020 have though me to be frugal, resourceful and enjoy less to gain more. I gained lots of 'living' skills this year......i started to love my cooking now. That cafe shop i frequent to must have missed me a lot too.