Yes i'm finally back blogging again in my new secondary website! For those who don't know me i'm the author of my hobby creation/projects at (SupermotoXL Designs) and for those who knew me especially old fans hey there! welcome back and hope you enjoy your stay in my new personal crib.

I've created this new blog website ( so i could post personal blog articles, advices, how to, tips and other usefull articles which deem not fit to put on my project website at . So it means if there's any article doesn't fit at Project site those articles will be posted at this Blog site.  However this website will host bits of RSS news updates link from my project website just to let you know what's coming next.  Fortunately both website still DSCF0022share the same social media channel; my Youtube, Twitter and Instagram so don't worry about redundacy updates.

This Blog site designed to be slighty different than traditional site, its inspired to be more artistic, emphasize visual aesthetic, beauty and let the picture tells you everything.  Inspired from encyclopedia art and concept with small article caption in the corner if viewed from computer screen and minimal on mobile.

So what's expected on this website?  With this website ( i'll be blogging more about daily personal activites such as such as for example tips how to commute to work, advice how to get sponsorship from company, managing funds for your hobby, tips how to manage time, getting work done, art creation, how to travel in east asia, foods blog, tips for those in Information Technology industry, review other stuff, skill sharing and lots of things that i've experienced throughout my life.  So with all that i could share these through this blog hopefully will help you succesful and enjoy life.  If you're one of those old fans you might remember my long lost bloggging site......we'll time to continue where i left.   Of course i'll include video which i will post as my usual Youtube channel.

Hopefully you could come and visit this website more often as i will present you some useful blog article which probably may come in handy one day. Cheers.

David L.