It been 8 years and this is the third time this famous FPV P-51D Mustangp51d repair 2 undergo some repair.  Ironically its the only plane among all my serious FPV planes in my hangar undergo some parts repair but i can understand that this P-51D mustang has accumulate hundred of hours of flight time and intense all weather far more than the FPV Drifter.  So this plane really survived most brutal flight condition ever which is a huge reasoning for hefty maintenance and care..  By looking at the picture the battle scar tells it all.  This time the repair wwill be much delicat; to repair camera's 180 degree pan servo which was p51d repair 1stucked during panning and the culprit was a worn out custom add-on 2.2KOhm resistors that needed be replace.  The resistor well tucked into the small servo case previously custom build to provide a full 180 degree turn than stock 80 degree.  Quite a struggle to dig back into the cockpit with solders and pliers with surgeon precision repair. 2 hours later all done!  Can't wait to get this bird flying again into the world of heavenly clouds!